Stories of artists, craftsmen, and local traditions.
Custom, original, high-quality furniture.


An artistic journey through innovation and tradition

Extroverso is experience and passion. We create furnishing objects that combine made in Italy craftsmanship and tradition, creativity, and innovative vision.

Extroverso is an anthropological journey through design, where past and future, globality, and local realities, meet. Different sensibilities, projects, languages, and international identities come together to create excellence and beauty.

Cultural expression

Manuela Dello Strologo, founder and curator of Extroverso, proposes through the creations signed by selected designers, to shape contemporaneity and anticipate trends in constant dialogue with traditions.


Where different
sensitivities meet

Manuela Dello Strologo is a publisher/producer who meets designers and artists from fields such as illustration, fashion, design, and local craftsmanship. Different experiences and perspectives originate new ideas and open unexpected paths, guided by creative inspiration. Here, she explains how it happens.

Enthusiasm, innovative ideas, creativity, professionalism, and tradition become, in a natural way, beautiful and valuable furnishing objects.