Design: harmony of elements.
Giannella Ventura is an interior designer whose style blends classical elements, Art Deco inspirations and contemporary influences. Her creative vision is driven by a passion for art and the concept that aesthetics is expressed through the harmony of lines, shapes and colors. Her hand is always guided by a trail of passion that is essential in every idea and project: beauty has its origin in the heart. Guided by these elements she has created and designed furniture and lighting products and designed interiors for important private residences, both in Italy and abroad, expressing a virtuous mix of different styles.

All this is supported and at the same time guided by a deep culture for beauty and by the remarkable experiences that the designer has gained over the years; among other important realities, Ventura has collaborated and collaborates with Tura, a company born in Brianza, leader in high-level furniture and master in combining tradition and innovation with admirable results from a creative and qualitative point of view, testifying the value of Made in Italy.

Ventura’s inspirations draw on a variety of dimensions: from modern to eclectic, from art deco to classic; whatever the suggestion that feeds the idea, each project bears witness to a personal and exclusive interpretation that takes shape in furnishings of incredible elegance and value.

For Extroverso, Giannella Ventura has created the New moon collection and the furnishing objects Cometa, Lola, Burlesque and Kiss me.