Design: a reflection on traditions.
Maria Francesca Maniga and Giuseppe Scalas are two young creatives who gave birth to the Inveloveritas project.
Maria Francesca Maniga trained and professionally grew in fashion industry. Giuseppe Scalas is a curious artist and designer who constantly explores new artistic ways and new possibilities.
Both born in Sardinia, they currently lives and works in Cagliari, they are strongly linked to their traditions that are reinterpreted in a contemporary key through a deep reflection on their meaning.
Through a careful study of contemporary culture, society and traditions of Sardinia, Inveloveritas reinterprets the geometries, colors, textures and motifs of the Sardinian tradition in art and crafts, to give them a new tradition in the present.
All the work of Inveloveritas is inspired by the signs and colors of local traditions from time to time revisited and proposed in a contemporary perspective of great strength and impact.

For Extroverso, Maria Francesca Maniga and Giuseppe Scalas created Sardinia collection.