Design: an anthropological journey.
Manuela has studied geography and anthropology. Her studies focused on the ability of different cultures and traditions to reinvent and valorize into global and modern processes, on a social level and into material representations.
She’s been working, since over 10 year, for Tura, a company specialized in parchment finishing furniture and precious materials. Managing sales and communication, she accompanied the company to revalue its history and precious archives (from the foundation by Aldo Tura in 1939), to new collections and unique projects for international clients in Russia, China, India, Europe, etc. facing always new challenges in terms of materials, technology, design.
Her curiosity brought her to study and travel around the world, enjoying the value of diversity and strengthening more and more the belief that best things always come from openness and dialogue.

“Many years producing furniture and developing projects of interior design allowed me to meet an international clientele from which I learnt a lot, looking at our Italy and its beauties with new eyes. All the world admires and esteem our landscapes, our beautiful towns, our food, wine, fashion, furniture”

Today this experience, this passion, this enthusiasm and curiosity, combine together and allow the birth of the new project: Extroverso.