High-quality craftsmanship is a defining value for made in Italy products and it is particularly so for Brianza, an area where the production of handmade furniture and woodworking has shaped the story of this land. Here, tradition and innovation meet, to produce high-quality furniture made under the highest industry standards.


Materials inspire us and allow us to bring ideas to life. Extroverso carefully chooses fabrics to dress its upholstered furniture: armchairs, chairs, and stools. The options available go from the most refined to the most graphic and impactful ones. Customers can choose to use their own fabrics and our designers are available to help them to find the best solution.


We produce limited edition objects or unique creations, tailor-made, not only in size but in colors and finishes. Each piece of furniture can be customized to outstand in a particular project or to blend in chromatic shades with a touch of originality to highlight a creative and functional “leitmotiv”. Some of our proposals revisit the classics such as chairs and armchairs, tables and consoles, containers, and panels. Our designers reinterpret classic objects by adding a touch of contemporaneity and drawing a new artistic identity.


Our 1/1 Editions propose unique pieces made with unique, non-repeatable fabrics and materials from the Extroverso style office.
Precious materials found or recovered for their aesthetic peculiarity or qualitative excellence. Cues for creativity to experiment new combinations, limited to very few pieces or single prototypes. The concept of exclusivity is also accompanied by a choice of sustainability and recovery that limits the waste imposed by the “fast design”. Few pieces, for few connoisseurs who appreciate uniqueness.


Marquetry, decorations, serigraphy, parchment, perfect lacquering: surfaces go beyond volume and are decorated with elements and materials that only expert craftsmen know how to enhance. Geometric elements, floral subjects, textures inspired by traditions and cultures, citations from Art Deco to black and white graphics. Each creation not only furnishes a room and warms the heart, allowing gaze to rest on timeless beauty.


Parchment is obtained from goatskin that is suitably tanned and processed to obtain a material that is smooth, resistant and soft to the touch. It enjoyed a period of great success in the 1930s, with inspirations and contaminations ranging from French Art Deco and in particular the work of J.M. Frank, to designers of the calibre of Alessandro Mendini.
Applied to the wooden surface, parchment gives any piece of furniture a unique and unmistakable effect, with its grain and the depth of the naturally precious material.
The parchment is carefully selected and worked through a long and meticulous process, which takes place strictly within the company, by the hand of expert master craftsmen. The parchment-covered furniture is finally protected thanks to the glossy or matte finish, which makes it resistant and waterproof.


Lacquering is a type of coating that uses lacquer, an opaque polyester and/or polyurethane varnish that gives wooden surface a perfect color gradient, in either gloss or matt finish. The aesthetic quality, resistance and integrity, depend on the accuracy of the treatment. The piece must be carefully prepared and then coated in one or more layers, until the desired effect is achieved. There are many different types of lacquering used in furniture: from gloss, which is almost as reflective as a mirror, to satin, matt, embossed and many other techniques capable of creating increasingly distinctive aesthetic effects. For some high-quality finishes, at least 5 coats of lacquer are required, along with the relevant polishing steps. The result is a brilliance equal to that of a mirror, which is measured in gloss.